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WESTMINSTER, Colo., April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --Coalfire, a trusted provider of cybersecurity advisory and assessment services, announced today the availability of their new platform for CoalfireOne Scanning Services, CoalfireOne Scans. The new scanning platform will offer a vastly improved user experience and dramatic efficiency gains in performing automated scans and managing scans projects.


The platform, which provides our PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) service featuring internal and external scans while enabling easy collaboration and project management, will present our users with smooth navigation, a robust database to ensure fast processing speeds and vast simultaneous IP scanning capabilities for efficiency and time savings. CoalfireOne Scans uses one of the most trusted, precise and complex scanning engines on the market today, Rapid7's Nexpose.

"By combining half a decade of customer feedback, this new platform was designed to be the simplest-to-use scanning platform on the market," said Joseph Pearce, CoalfireOne Engineer, Coalfire. "For ASV customers, Coalfire's updated scanning platform will provide the fastest route to true ASV compliance for both internal and external scans, potentially saving days of work each quarter. Paired with existing best-in-class customer support and a mature vulnerability detection back end, Coalfire's new scanning platform will be the preferred choice for PCI, healthcare and general security scanning needs."

Over the past year, Coalfire completed extensive customer research and spent many months reviewing customer suggestions to arrive at this current platform to meet customer needs. The tool includes a sleek user interface that features:

  • Projects vs. Accounts: This feature offers the ability to scan multiple environments and run concurrent scheduled scans in a single pane of glass, with ease.
  • Reporting Versatility and Customization: Per quarter, Coalfire's clients will be able to hand-select specific targets to include on AOSCs and other ASV reporting.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: CoalfireOne Scans will accommodate the majority of client environment needs through the platform's flexibility.
  • Vulnerability Transparency: Threat details are now available directly to clients within the new user interface.
  • Simplified Navigation: This feature offers a transparent and intuitive alignment of where to access each piece of the tool to support each piece of the scanning process: set up, monitor, analyze.
  • Streamlined Dispute Process: Resubmitting previously accepted disputes is as simple as one-click, significantly reducing time spent on the dispute cycle and process.
  • Clarity: Simplified target entry and management allow the ability to easily sift through endpoints and their scans results.
  • Data Visibility: This feature allows users to easily access the evidence library and historical data, removing the need to search through a large evidence library.

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