We've got exciting updates to share!

Press Release from Owiwi

And we want you to hear them first.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make Owiwi a big player in game-based talent recruitment. That means partnering with leaders in the HR industry to offer a premium service and making small (but mighty!) improvements to the overall gaming experience.

But first…

We’re so thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Leroy Merlin on their Graduate Academy Program!

We’ll be helping their recruiting team hire their next big stars. We can’t wait to see the talent that emerges from the Owiwi game-based assessment platform!

The sky’s the limit with Skywalker.gr.

We’re also very excited to commence our first affiliate partnership with Skywalker.gr who will help us bring Owiwi to a wider market within Greece.

Through our collaboration we’re offering exclusive packages for small businesses.

To learn more about our exclusive Skywalker package head over to the website here.

Going global.

Not content with just providing Greek and English translations, we’re going global by offering the game in Spanish, too! We look forward to hearing what our amigos think of it.

(For those eagle-eared among you: the Greek narration is voiced by Greek actress Eleni Vaitsou! Make sure to play the game to hear her in action.)

We've added new sound effects! Are thrashing sharks one of the new sounds you'll hear? There's only one way to find out -- play the game today!


Jobseekers, this one's for you! 

We've created a site just for you! Learn more about Owiwi and how it can help you land a job with top recruiters by visiting our new site, made just for you, here.

Play the game today to gain insight into your decision-making skills, your levels of resilience, and your ability to adapt to any situation. You'll walk into your next job interview armed with deep knowledge of your strongest "soft-skills" and the ability to prove to employers why you're the best person for the job.


Game-players, we've been listening!

We took your feedback to heart and we made some changes to the gaming experience. We've added some additional ambient sound effects unique to each scene -- to make the experience even more immersive -- and we've also added the option to mute the narration.

Yes, we've been busy! But we're committed to working with our clients and partners to create a premium game-based assessment tool for top recruiters hiring top talent.

If you haven't signed up for a free trial of our revolutionary game, now's the time to do it! To get started, head here.


Until next time,
The Owiwi Team 

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