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  • Employment And Education Verifications

    Recruiters may request TABB INC. to conduct specialized handling regarding an applicant and their work history to focus in on specific concerns. Our cutting edge technology has compiled an extensive database of employers and educational institutions that includes their procedures and contact... Read More
  • Criminal Record Research

    Conducting accurate and compliant criminal record research is a primary concern for the employer and the applicant. In addition to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), statutes governing criminal checks and what criminal records can be reported to a potential employer vary by state. It is the... Read More
  • Identity And Address Trace

    The cornerstone of a comprehensive and compliant criminal record research program is a thorough search in every jurisdiction where the candidate has lived. However, most applications only ask for a current address, and it is not known how long the candidate lived there. Other concerns for an... Read More
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  • TABB INC. named one of HRTech Outlook’s Top Pre-Employment Screening Companies By

    Is there an alternative process that can benefit candidates and employers? careerandtalenthub’s E-Reference Check platform offers solutions for employers that are looking for new alternatives and candidates seeking a proactive approach to the application process. Imagine viewing a resume or... Read more