How To Make Sure Your Corporate Communication Is On Point

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“What we’ve got here,” announces the prison warden in the movie Cool Hand Luke, “is a failure to communicate.” How many times have you heard that is the root of any given problem? If only we all communicated more and better, everything would be solved. Well, maybe not everything, but most things. Effective communication is a two-way street: sender and receiver, explanation and understanding. It’s fair to say improving communication will improve interpersonal interactions and boost net results. Communication leads engagement, and engagement leads results. Everything Communicates Something Even saying nothing communicates something. Imagine a time you said something to your spouse or significant other and they just stood there, silent, yet you surely knew exactly what they were telling you. We communicate with written words, pictures, speech, gestures, movements and posture. How and when we communicate is just as critical as what we have to say.

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