OFCCP Compliance Checklist for an OFCCP Audit Ready Affirmative Action Program!

Press Release from HR Unlimited, Inc.

Download our updated 2023 checklist to be OFCCP audit ready.

Your Affirmative Action Plan is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to meeting OFCCP compliance requirements.


This quick, non-exhaustive checklist highlights:


Women & Minorities AAP

- 4212 AND 503

Protected Veterans & Individuals with Disabilities AAP



“HR Unlimited Inc. is an integral part of our OFCCP-AAP process & assisted in not only completing the AAP but also providing guidance on 3 AAP Audits. I had selected them during our RFP process primarily due to the CEO’s personal knowledge of the OFCCP process.”

“The team has been very helpful to me compared to prior vendors.  They return the AAP plan quickly and  carefully review everything with me.  I can always contact them for questions and count on their answers.”

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