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Press Release from HR Unlimited, Inc.

It is time to mention a critical difference between HR Unlimited Inc. and other providers of Affirmative Action Planning and Human Resource Services.

In 2010, HR Unlimited Inc. established a partnership with a prestigious national law firm, along with our in-house legal counsel. Our goal is to provide clients the combined benefits of both seasoned HR consultancy and the protection offered by legal expertise and association.

Two major ways our legal resource helps you:

1. In the event that data is uncovered (or misinterpreted) to indicate “adverse effect,” our attorney-client privilege exempts us from having to turn this data over during an OFCCP/EEOC audit or in court, giving you the chance to CORRECT problems before any potential legal action is taken. 

2. If you are ever subject to audits, competitors can request your data from the OFCCP, EEOC, DOL or DOJ and use it to poach your talent! (Believe me, it’s happened.) Our attorney-client privilege protects your data from the Freedom of Information Act, which in turn protects your ability to retain your best talent.

Conventional human resource vendors cannot promise this and, although you could get this protection by going straight to an attorney, it is unlikely that you will find one with experience working for the OFCCP or spent decades working in the field of HR, expertly building AAPs, sending scheduling letters, consulting, etc.

HR Unlimited Inc. is truly the best of both worlds. There is not another AAP/Human Resource company that has our education, practical experience, or legal leverage. And as we have discussed, we are still competitively priced. Please do not hesitate to reach out any time with questions or to schedule a free consultation.

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