Latest OFCCP Portal Certification Update

Press Release from HR Unlimited, Inc.

All federal contractors who meet jurisdictional thresholdsare required to certify in the OFCCP Contractor Portal annually. They must certify that they have a current AAP and are in compliance with OFCCP affirmative action regulations. As of today, the Contractor Portal is closed. The OFCCP has not yet announced the date when the Portal will open and when contractors must submit their annual certification, but we will update you as soon as this information becomes available. 

In the meantime, federal contractors and subcontractors should act now to learn their compliance obligations, make sure to complete/update their AAP, and be prepared to submit documentation through the portal.

HR Unlimited Inc. specializes in helping federal contractors and employers effectively meet their AAP and EEO compliance obligations. Please contact us to discuss any of your questions, concerns, or needs in this area.

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