How to Develop Corporate Culture That Attracts Top Talent

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What sets companies like Google, Salesforce, and Hyatt apart from the rest? These\r\ncompanies are regularly named at the top of lists as the best companies to work for.\r\nExperts cite stories of companies offering unique benefits, clear training programs, and\r\nperks like snacks and nap areas to highlight what sets these employers apart from the\r\nrest.\r\nBut the best employers don’t always need to stock Doritos in the break room or host\r\ncompany kickball tournaments to appease their employees. The best companies have a\r\nclear and healthy culture that employees respond to.\r\nWhen you have a thriving company culture, your employees will pay you back for your\r\nefforts. Here is why you need to invest in your overall culture and a list of concrete steps\r\nyou can take today to support your workforce.

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