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  • TaxJobs Job Board

    Finding a tax job in the U.S. has never been easier. TaxJobs has the most comprehensive, targeted directory of tax-specific jobs in the country. We also provide a confidential and automated Job Agent that delivers only the jobs that match your criteria right to your email or phone via text. You... Read More
  • Total Hiring Solution

    1. Target Hiring Campaign 2. In-Depth Candidate Assessment Either take advantage of our Total Hiring Solution, which includes both the Target Hiring Campaign and the In-Depth Candidate Assessment or choose to utilize each service separately. By packaging the services together for... Read More
  • Target Hiring Campaign

    Key Statistics: -88% of our Corporate In-House clients have filled their jobs within 90 days. -Costs less than 10% of what you would pay towards an agency fee. What’s Included? Persuasive Job Ads: We know what motivates tax professionals. That’s who we have worked with for 30+ years.... Read More