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US Drug Test Centers Launches COVID-19 Antibody Testing Nationwide

Press Release from US Drug Test Centers

LAS VEGAS, July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- US Drug Test Centers, one of the largest testing companies in the United States, announced they are now offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing with FDA Emergency Use Authorization at 1,800+ locations nationwide. No prescription is necessary. To book an appointment, visit www.usdrugtestcenters.com, select a location, order a test and an order from a local doctor will be sent to you in 6-12 hours. The test includes a simple blood draw, and results are received usually within 24-48 hours.

Antibody tests can play a critical role important in the fight against COVID-19 as they can help identify individuals who may have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease, and have developed an immune response. Using antibody tests and clinical follow-up can also provide more information on immunity against COVID-19 for research and medical developments for the virus. Although having antibodies usually gives immunity from further infection, there is not enough evidence at this time to suggest that people who have a type of antibody called immunoglobulin G (IgG) 4 are protected against future COVID-19 infection.

US Drug Test Centers is staying open throughout this pandemic to support its clients and community. Dr. Jonathan Baktari, MD and CEO, e7 Health and US Drug Test Centers said, "There is an increasing number of fraudulent tests being made available, so it's important for people to verify the test is FDA-authorized."

The COVID-19 antibody test does not assess whether you are currently infected with COVID-19. If you were recently exposed or are currently experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, Dr. Jonathan Baktari, MD recommends that you contact your healthcare provider and/or state health department for further guidance.

For more information or to order a test, visit https://www.usdrugtestcenters.com/order-test.html.


Jonathan Baktari, MD brings over 20 years of clinical, administrative, and entrepreneurial experience to lead the current e7 Health team and US Drug Test Centers. He has been a triple board-certified physician with specialties in internal medicine, pulmonary and critical care medicine.

He has been the Medical Director of The Valley Health Systems, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Culinary Health Fund and currently is the CEO of two healthcare companies. He also has served as clinical faculty for several medical schools including the University of Nevada and Touro University.


e7 Health is a preventative health and wellness company that is supervised by Board Certified Doctors. We specialize in travel medicine, student health, employee health, drug testing, STD testing, physical exams, immigration exams and laboratory services. We are committed to providing the safest and highest quality care to our patients and clients. We are proud of the highly qualified and dedicated professional staff at e7 Health for their commitment to providing a positive and comfortable clinic for our patients. We strive every day to ensure that all of our patients are satisfied and well taken care of.


US Drug Test Centers has been the nation's leading company in providing drug & alcohol testing services in all 50 states for employers, individuals, legal cases, and the Department of Transportation. With 20,000 drug testing locations nationwide, USDTC makes it easy for anyone to have a test performed within a short distance of their home. They also allow you to order these tests online, 24/7 for your convenience. They offer hundreds of different drug testing panels for urine & hair specimens. They are a member of DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Associations) and are always up to date on all state and federal drug regulations and laws.

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