'Why Bother with DEI?' Workshop

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'Why Bother with DEI?' Workshop (Click to enlarge image) Why Bother with DEI?
This session addresses barriers to successful DEI work and how to move through those barriers toward growth and innovation. Tension, fear, and anger are normal responses to cultural clashes. Too often we choose silence to avoid the tension rather than creating space to learn and develop.

Session Details & Format

2 Hours
Virtual or In-Person
Unlimited Participants

Learning Objectives
Articulate the benefits of curious engagement with colleagues who think, function, and relate differently.
Implement skills to navigate tension that occurs within DEI conversations
Identify and address common barriers to effective DEI efforts

Skills & Core Concepts Addressed
The underestimated keystone to successful DEI Work
Five Main Barriers to DEI Work
Building Bridges
Observe, Listen, Inquire Framework

Why this? Why now?
Avoiding DEI work allows fear and division to flourish, missing the chance to enhance innovation and growth. Despite the urgency, the barriers to starting these conversations can be overwhelming. Initiating DEI efforts to foster diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments demonstrates to employees that healthy communication is crucial, particularly in navigating emotions like fear and anger.

What is Artesian Collaborative’s approach to this issue?
This training initiates healthy conversations with our therapists fostering a secure space for diverse perspectives. Safety is essential for addressing barriers in meaningful DEI work. Using the Observe, Listen, and Inquire Framework, we explore perspectives hindering DEI engagement, empowering participants to authentically collaborate and craft team-specific solutions.

Participant Feedback
“Through this training I have realized that we do not make time to have honest conversations about DEI topics at our organization. Learning about others’ experiences has made me realize there is an urgent need for us to do so.”

“My gender and culture both are in the minority here, but the openness to discuss and have your team articulate the problems using a solution focussed lens which is practical and feasible for us all, has been very helpful. I left the session very inspired and motivated, but more hopeful for change.”

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