Emotional Core Strength Workshop

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Emotional Core Strength Workshop (Click to enlarge image) Emotional Core Strength
This training creates a pathway and space for us to first connect to our values and then take action and set goals aligned with those values. Values might feel like abstract concepts but our goal is to be really grounded in our reality, our bodies, our work, and our activities in our day-to-day lives. We will work through how to navigate stress and connect to values-based action.

Session Details & Format

2 Hours
Virtual or In-Person
Unlimited Participants

Learning Objectives
Decipher how values directly impact goals
Integrate values into actionable steps toward goals
Utilize skills to navigate internal conflict during moments of stress

Skills & Core Concepts Addressed
Goals versus Values
Gratitude & Values
Autopilot and Reprogramming
Values under Attack
Mindfulness Skills
Values-Driven Action Plan

Why this? Why now?
Neglecting the root cause of chronic stress or using surface-level self-care strategies can amplify an employee's sense of disconnection and isolation. This training provides a distinctive stress management approach, enabling participants to explore the meaning in their lives and develop tools for overcoming workplace stress challenges. By recognizing values as the building blocks for goals, participants are empowered to take intentional action, rising above the influence of stressful emotions on their decision-making.

What is Artesian Collaborative’s approach to this issue?
This training supports organizations in recognizing employees as whole people, extending beyond the workplace. It creates space for reflection on personal values, fostering collaboration, motivation, and connection.
Participants will explore the root of chronic stress by addressing their inner critic. Through experiential activities, visualization, and small group discussions, they will build connections while exploring individual and shared values.

Participant Feedback

“It was helpful that we were able to disconnect from our professional selves and to further discover what brings us into the position we are today. I think this is an excellent opportunity for us to feel the cohesiveness and re-focus on our purpose and goals.”

“The trainers' tone was welcoming, warm, and natural. It makes me as a participant to feel accepted at the training.”

“These help me put what is important into perspective and connect with something bigger than me.”

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