10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Content by Global HR Research

  • Employment Screening For Healthcare

    Exacerbated by the pandemic, the current and projected shortage of skilled and licensed professionals in today’s healthcare job market is putting enormous pressure on hiring executives. The misalignment of supply and demand might encourage some leaders of talent acquisition to accelerate their...
  • Criminal Backgrounding and Continuous Monitoring

    From the pandemic to today’s political climate, the dynamics of hiring have become utterly fraught with challenges for most employers, including those who require criminal background checks.
  • Are Social Media Reports Legal?

    Is it legal to order social media checks on applicants and employees? This question, or some variant of it, is often heard when the subject of social media screening arises.
  • Navigating Legalized Marijuana - An Overview for Employers

    Marijuana is illegal under federal law however, due to cultural earthquakes and a flurry of legislation in recent years, many states have legalized it for medicinal use, recreation, or both.
  • Webinar: 2021 is the Year of the Applicant

    A 360® view will be presented by iCIMS Talent Cloud + Global HR Research Employment Screening + a Customer Perspective. Recruitment, employment screening and hiring have become quite complex. How does a company connect with each of these generations effectively and with efficiency? What...
  • 2021 is the Year of the Applicant

    Learn more about reaching all five generations in today’s diverse workforce and creating a cross-generational approach to hiring and screening.
  • Screening the Screeners

    A Guide to Evaluating Employment Screening Providers
  • Quarterly Compliance Webinar: Post Election Legalized Marijuana Expansion

    Join industry experts Jennifer Mora from Seyfarth Shaw and Angeli Heyne from Global HR Research in discussing the challenges Human Resources will face in 2021 with marijuana expansion laws. Topics that will be discussed include: -The state of medical and recreational marijuana laws and a...
  • Breaking Down Fair Hiring Laws and Individual Assessments

    The days are gone when most employers could safely reject a candidate for hiring or promotion based on a disqualifying factor uncovered during a background check.
  • Quarterly Compliance Webinar: Hot Topics with Employment Background Screening to Avoid Litigation

    Topics that will be discussed include: Disclosure and authorization litigation, Adverse action theories, Ban the Box/Fair Chance Act and Best practices to mitigate risk.
  • Working Smarter: 3 Key Screening Factors to Accelerate Hiring & Mitigate Risk

    Technology is a game-changer for background screening. As companies begin to re-open and/or go back into the office, traditional background screening must work harder to keep up with the high unemployment and rapid rehiring.
  • Testing for COVID-19 - Returning to Work: Your Options & Legal Considerations

    COVID-19 cases will continue to impact our healthcare systems until a therapeutic treatment has been established and/or a vaccine has been approved. As a result, businesses are challenged to find the best approach to keeping employees safe with the least amount of liability, and reestablishing...
  • Navigating Legalized Marijuana: The Legal Landscape

    The United States counts 33 states (plus Washington, D.C.)as allowing some combination of medical and recreational use of marijuana.But pot use remains illegal under federal law.This puts employers seeking to maintain a drug-free workplace on the horns of a dilemma.
  • Navigating Legalized Marijuana: Testing in The Healthcare Industry

    UPON ENTERING THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, many physicians take the Hippocratic Oath, which sets out ethical guidelines. Nurses often take a similar oath, the Nightingale Pledge. Both vows are frequently distilled as “first, do no harm.” The Nightingale Pledge was created in the late nineteenth...
  • Navigating Legalized Marijuana: Department of Transportation Regulated Industries

    IN THE UNITED STATES, 33 states allow some combination of medical and recreational use of marijuana, and pot is legally accessible, in one way or another, to 95 percent of the population. This new reality creates a problem for any business subject to the guidelines of the U.S. Department of...
  • Webinar: Back-to-Work Planning - Critical Screening Considerations Before Rehiring Your Team

    As government & health officials devise plans to re-open the economy, businesses must also develop the safest and most compliant planning approach to reinstating their teams.
  • Webinar: COVID-19 Impacts Background Screening Alternative Services

    COVID-19 Impacts Background Screening Alternative Services Alternate solution to maintain turnaround times standards when hiring. https://info.ghrr.com/covid-19-guide
  • Navigating Legalized Marijuana: An Overview for Employers

    MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL UNDER FEDERAL LAW. However, due to cultural earthquakes and a flurry of legislation in recent years, many states have legalized it for medicinal use, recreation, or both. Yet even in states where it is legal, the law can compel certain types of employers to take action to...
  • Background Screening Providers Opportunity for Excellence

    HRO Today Flash Reports are a series of ongoing research initiatives that address today’s topics of interest in the HR community. HRO Today Flash Reports are focused briefs that can be used to support business decisions and further discussion among industry practitioners and thought leaders. The...
  • How Background Screening Providers Are Selected

    When it comes to the need for background screening, the stakes are higher now for companies than they've ever been. In a tight labor market, there's enormous pressure to hire more employees quickly; in particular, data and physical security are paramount.