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About Franklin Apprenticeships

Franklin Apprenticeships is a consulting and capacity building organization on a mission to be America’s answer to its 21st century workforce issues. Our vision is to serve 1 million apprentices across the country in the next 5-10 years to help business improve productivity and innovation, provide a genuine alternative to college and move people from low income and poverty into the middle class.

We are focused on building an eco-system to support the expansion of existing apprenticeships as well as non-traditional apprenticeships in IT, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, professional services, logistics, etc.
Our business model includes: consulting services (program development and delivery), technology (apprentice management tools to improve success rates), and apprentice recruitment (through AskFranklin, America’s first national apprenticeship job board).

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Products by Franklin Apprenticeships

By Franklin Apprenticeships

Finding and keeping great tech talent is one of the most pressing challenges businesses face today. There are simply not enough qualified people to fill the increasing demand for technical skills. Layer on the need to attract more diverse candidates, and what was once a difficult challenge has... Read more »

By Franklin Apprenticeships

AskFranklin is America’s first national apprenticeship job board, helping improve awareness and change perceptions about the value of apprenticeships for parents, students and employers. Connecting employers, aspiring apprentices and Apprenticeship Service Providers, AskFranklin helps... Read more »

By Franklin Apprenticeships

The Franklin E-Portfolio is a cloud-based tool focused on improving apprentice outcomes. It supports ongoing tracking of apprentice progress against competencies and milestones throughout the program, providing visibility to the employer, apprentice and assessor. The Franklin E-Portfolio is... Read more »

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