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WorkSTEPS at Work Expands Leadership Team with Leading Medical Director

Press Release from WorkSTEPS, Inc.

Demand for innovative health, safety and well-being workplace strategies has led to leadership team expansion

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- WorkSTEPS at Work (WorkSTEPS), a comprehensive provider of occupational health, safety and business services, and member of the Fit For Work and Confluent Health Families, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Rosandra "Ros" Daywalker, M.D., Ph.D.(c) to the position of Medical Director and Total Worker Health® Subject Matter Expert.

With 15 years of combined experience and training in medicine and population health, Daywalker is a visionary and inspirational leader with advanced expertise in the health, safety, well-being, and resiliency of people and systems.

The appointment is the first of its kind for WorkSTEPS as the company has recently seen a new demand for both vision and strategies that integrate health, safety, and well-being through a systems-level approach in the workplace.

In the dual roles of Medical Director and Total Worker Health Subject Matter Expert,
Dr. Daywalker will oversee all medical operations and reviews, as well as occupational health programs and research. She will also provide thought leadership in the areas of her training, including occupational and environmental medicine, lifestyle medicine, and public health.

"Dr. Daywalker possesses an impressive and unique background in health, safety and organizational strategy," said Chief Medical Officer of WorkSTEPS, Dr. Ben Hoffman, MD, MPH. "Her ability to make complex ideas both accessible and actionable, along with her enthusiasm and gift for forming genuine, meaningful connections with others brings exceptional value at a pivotal time in our industry. We're thrilled to have her on the team."

Attracting Dr. Daywalker to the WorkSTEPS at Work leadership team reaffirms the company's commitment to expanding its services and products to clients.

"Her formal training and fresh perspective combined with our established and trusted programs will enhance and expand our offerings to our clients – such as programs, policies, and procedures to help achieve corporate ESG goals and to ensure an agile response to the rapidly evolving nature of work."

Dr. Daywalker assumed her role officially in June of 2022 at WorkSTEPS' headquarters in Austin, Texas.

More information on WorkSTEPS, Fit For Work, and on the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program can be found on their respective websites.


About WorkSTEPS: WorkSTEPS, the pioneer of post-offer pre-employment functional testing, was established by CEO and Founder Larry Feeler PT, CEAS, NRCME in 1986 to help industry employers reduce crippling workers compensation claims. WorkSTEPS has since grown to be the largest national provider of functional employment testing, testing for thousands of employers through a national network of trained, certified, and managed providers, helping corporations improve health and safety while containing costs. WorkSTEPS helps employers hire smart, improve health and safety, reduce injury rates, and save money. For more information, please visit http://www.worksteps.com.

About Fit For Work: Fit For Work is a privately held Occupational and Industrial Health practice developed around a model of prevention, ergonomics and early intervention. Founded in 1998, Fit For Work has continuously sought to provide large and small employers alike with a non-traditional service model. This preventative model combines focus on three leading indicators to an injury; Early Soreness, Ergonomics and Behaviors resulting in significant decreases in injuries and their associated cost as well as, increased client profitability & productivity. For more information, please visit wellworkforce.com

About Confluent Health: Confluent Health is a family of physical and occupational therapy companies. We are transforming healthcare by strengthening private practices, developing highly effective clinicians, innovating new services and technology to improve the quality of care for patients, and lowering costs via more effective treatment, workplace wellness, and injury prevention. For more information, visit goconfluent.com or find us on Facebook at @confluenthealth

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