GetFive’s Latest Outplacement Feature Tackles Modern Job Search’s Newest Challenge

Press Release from GetFive

Finally, a tool for candidates that lets them take control and manage their broader digital footprint.


GetFive is pleased to announce another advancement in its Modern Outplacement offerings. The NEW Internet Presence Management feature allows participants to see what potential employers see in a Google search and on social media - and to take action. Participants can optimize positive search results, suppress inaccurate results, and clean up inappropriate social media posts.

This addresses one of the biggest challenges of the modern job search environment. According to CareerBuilder, 54 percent of employers have decided not to hire a candidate based on their social media profiles.

The pillars of GetFive Modern Outplacement are: 

  • A Robust, Technology-Enhanced Job Search Method
  • Skills Gap Identification and Training
  • Internet Presence Management

In conjunction with the latest enhancements, GetFive has launched a new slate of plans for 2019, offering even greater value.

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GetFive is a leading provider of scalable solutions in Modern Outplacement (Moving On) and Career Management (Moving Up). We help employer brands reach their full potential through Active Engagement™. Our outplacement solutions ensure that your outbound employees are immediately focusing on their careers - rather than their frustrations – resulting in a substantially less adverse impact on your social reputation. Similarly, our career management solutions help you tap into the real potential of your workforce with a flexible, method-based approach that creates a greater level of commitment and motivation. Invest in the success of your employees and watch your employer brand thrive!

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