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  • Rating: 5/5

    Mike Venn, PhD, Tradewinds Consulting

    Other  | 6/26/2019

    I have known Dr. McGill for a decade and have partnered with him on several projects including in the areas of analytics and the impact of HR practices on the business bottom line. I find Dr. McGill easy to work with; extremely knowledgeable of statistics, analytics, and assessments; and able to use his knowledge to help businesses see the tie between HR practices and business success. Dr. McGill’s highly ethical approach is a distinguishing factor in the consulting world. I highly recommend Dr. McGill.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Victoria Sydorowicz, CPA, CPC, Southeast Executive Coaching

    Partner  | 6/26/2019

    I have been actively working with William for the past year. I am a coach and a CPA; William and I have been collaborating on various projects throughout this time. My observation has been that William is highly detail oriented and deeply engaged in the quality of the product he delivers. Providing the client with the best solution for their needs is of utmost importance to him and no effort is spared in hitting this target. I have worked on HR projects with William and collaboration seems to be his strong point. He asks poignant questions to gain complete understanding of his clients' needs. Aside from his technical capabilities, William is completely reliable and hits critical deadlines. I personally and professionally recommend him.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Kathryn Kellam, Former CEO, GAMA Foundation

    Customer  | 6/25/2019

    Monalco Talent Solutions took a bold approach to help my industry with a very difficult problem. Attracting future top performers is a driving focus for any business. But when a profession has unusually tough work requirements and is also uncommonly profitable, it is a double challenge. The people who want into the career are the worst possible fit, and those with the right fit tend to look the other way. The Monalco Talent Solutions team devised a unique research methodology that gave us critical insights from inside and outside our industry, resulting in a profile to identify the best candidates along with introductions to the career that are attractive to those candidates – and even customized by age and gender. It was a powerful outcome for a challenging business. Monalco Talent Solutions is an outstanding resource for addressing HR and talent challenges. They are scientists first and foremost – their technical and statistical skills are superb. But they are also a joy to work with – tightly focused on the goals and requirements of their clients, highly attuned to business realities, and sensitive to the types of details that can take a research or business outcome from respectable to top notch. Monalco Talent Solutions are true professionals.