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Employee benefits are expensive. Provident Funding’s Mortgage Benefit Program is FREE for your organization, and your employees. If you are looking for an employee benefit program that will offset the rising cost of benefits for your employees at NO cost to your organization, look to MBP. We are the answer to your employee’s financial wellness needs. We are the Mortgage Price Leader. Provident Funding’s Mortgage Benefit Program provides all employees of an enrolled company a 0.25% discount off the closing costs of a mortgage. As the Mortgage Price Leader, we are focused on providing customers with industry low rates and excellent customer service. With the MBP discount your employees can save up to $5,000 off the cost of a mortgage, on top of our industry leading rates. All employees of your company can work directly with our professional Mortgage Consultants. Give your employees a benefit that will help them save on the largest investment of their lifetime, a home loan.

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