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  • Employees

    Checking an employee’s job references is only a small part of a background check program. Companies should consider a range of relevant factors which may increase its risks, including: an employee’s financial responsibilities or the security exposure of the position. Best screening practices... Read More
  • Partners

    The importance of preventing risks in processes of alliances or mergers and acquisitions is heightened by strict regulations regarding the prevention of fraud, corruption and bribery. The responsibility to investigate, verify and review background information on potential partners is a company’s... Read More
  • Third Parties & Suppliers

    MultiLatin supports its clients in the prevention of risks related to contracting with third parties and suppliers. By reviewing the reputation of such vendors and their shareholders we support compliance standards for global companies that operate in Latin America. In addition to background... Read More
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  • Third Party Background Screening: The invisible workforce who handle your information By

    The trend of outsourcing certain services is increasing, as companies seek to unburden their operations and become more efficient. The risks inherent to handling your company’s confidential information and the sensitive personal data of your employees or clients require a higher degree of... Read more
  • Background Checks. Advancing safe learning environments in Latin America By

    For educational institutions, it is important to create and preserve a safe and reliable learning environment for both students and employees. Implementing a background check program for faculty, staff, and others who work within educational institutions helps provide a safe learning environment... Read more
  • GDPR: The accelerator for Data Protection in Latin America By

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) published by the European Commission requires compliance by any company that handles the data of European citizens, inside or outside of Europe. More than 120 countries with regulations on the protection of personal data are taking a closer look at... Read more
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  • Contracting Risk Index 2019 - Analysis of findings | Mexico Edition Posted

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