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  • Self-Directed Rewards

    Challenge Modern employees have low barriers to leaving, making retention of top talent especially difficult when what motivates people today isn’t always aligned with what will motivate them in five years What we do Craft innovative rewards programs matching employer and employee needs, often... Read More
  • Compensation Strategy

    Challenge Compensation and rewards programs can cover so many topics that costs can quickly spiral out of control when chasing talent, but more expense doesn’t always translate to improved results What we do Assist in understanding the employee agenda to pair with the right set of reward tools... Read More
  • Talent Acquisition

    Challenge Technology has empowered unprecedented access to people, but without similar improvements in candidate assessment and evaluation, acquiring the right people remains a burden on companies What we do Guide companies through the design of fit-for-purpose talent acquisition programs that... Read More
White Papers by Cox Innovations
  • Compensation Reinvented: Self-Directed Rewards(tm) By

    There is an immense opportunity for companies to harness latent value in their compensation programs by shifting some of the nuanced reward decisions from the employer to the employee. Enabling individualized rewards delivered at scale can dramatically increase employee satisfaction and... Read more
  • Chasing the Perfect Candidate Assessment By

    Many companies employ creative ways to source and screen candidates, but the companies that are winning the war for talent create compelling, exciting candidate experiences and captures high quality, fit-for-purpose data from a variety of sources during the process serving service distinct,... Read more
  • Finding Success Without Unicorns By

    Companies that focus too intently on hiring the perfect candidate miss out on the opportunity to shift pre-hire investment to post-hire investment and turn the almost-perfect candidate into an ideal employee. This mindset changes broadens the candidate pool, changes the risk profile, and... Read more