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  • Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

    While we're expert in the administration of employee surveys, we're especially well-known for our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. In fact, of the nearly 6,000 employers we worked with last year, more than 90% of them used that very tool, saying it was, "the industry standard." Our... Read More
  • Work@Home Pulse Survey

    We know that your workforce has experienced a lot of changes in the past several weeks due to the novel Coronavirus [COVID-19]. With all the uncertainty and what feels like daily changes, Best Companies Group wants to help your organization through this difficult time by offering a quick... Read More

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  • Best Ways to Use Technology to Improve Workforce Engagement By

    Many organizations struggle to build strong teams. Hiring the right candidates is not always enough; businesses should also invest in engaging and retaining top talent. Today, technological innovations are crucial to retain the best employees. From communication to career growth to social tools... Read more
  • 3 Leadership Best Practices That Improve Employee Engagement Amid COVID-19 By

    We know that engagement is more than just job satisfaction. Miller offers insightful suggestions for leaders who want to address concerns and thrive during this unprecedented period Read more
  • 2019 Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Report - Technology By

    There are lots of reasons managers come looking for ways to increase employee engagement. They want to reduce turnover, hire the right people the first time, prioritize the customer experience, and be more profitable. Most senior executives (71%) rank employee engagement as very important to... Read more