New Affordable Employee Engagement Survey for Teams & Small Businesses

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Issued May 18, 2020          E3 Solutions Media Contact: Laura Mitchell (703) 926-4790

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New Affordable Employee Engagement Survey for Teams & Small Businesses

Now Any Organization Can Measure Employee Engagement in this Turbulent Time

Washington, D.C. – Work has never been so disorienting as employees struggle to stay engaged with their jobs during a pandemic. To help organizational leaders understand the true depth of the problem -- and adapt to quickly changing workplace demands and expectations -- industry leader E3 Solutions (E3) has released a science-based, fully automated employee engagement survey for under $500.

“Many employees are in freefall, struggling to stay productive and engaged in perhaps the most disorienting time in their life,” says E3 Solutions CEO, Don Rheem, “and leaders need reliable data and guidance on what they should be doing.” Rheem says the key objective was to “build a robust workplace behavioral assessment that is affordable for every company.” The survey is specifically designed to measure engagement for small businesses and groups, such as sales teams or individual departments.

The software platform, called the E3One, was designed so HR professionals, as well as business leaders, can easily manage the entire survey. “In less than five minutes the E3One is ready to go,” says Kelly Burns, platform designer and President at E3. “With just a few clicks, the survey is up and running, providing real-time reporting and engagement insights for business leaders. What really sets this platform apart,” Burns explains,  “is not only how intuitive it is to execute, but the depth of science-based guidance leaders receive with their results,” she explains. “We don’t just give leaders a picture of their organization’s cultural health, we help them know exactly how to improve it, based on their data and the accompanying resources we provide that enables them to take immediate action.”

“One of the limiting factors to measuring employee engagement in many organizations, especially in this economic climate, is the cost,” says E3’s SVP of Operations, Laurie Nappi, “so we have removed that barrier. Organizations can now easily assess how engaged their employees are – a critical factor impacting everything from employee retention and productivity to the customer experience.

Companies can learn more about this low-cost employee engagement tool at

“This is not the time for leaders to take their foot off the gas in terms of maintaining high levels of employee engagement,” Rheem says, “and this fast and inexpensive tool should be an essential element of every company’s recovery process. Leaders at all levels need reliable, science-based data as well as the context for how to help employees cope with the new normal and  stay productive and engaged.” 

E3 Solutions, LLC, was founded in 2009 by Don Rheem, author of the Amazon bestseller on how to engage and retain employees, Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance Cultures (ForbesBooks). Rheem is a former science advisor to Congress and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Clients include major trade associations, and a broad cross-section of companies across North America including pharma, manufacturing, consumer brands, food and beverage, and construction. Rheem is a TEDx speaker and frequent international keynote presenter on how to increase employee engagement and retention.


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