Be the Change Webinar - for Change Leaders to Inspire Community Change

Press Release from Institute of Organization Development

Due to recent global events, we are providing a free webinar for anyone who would to learn how to facilitate groups as a change leader.  Please join us Wednesday, June 17th, 1:30 - 3:00 PM to participant in this event  " Be the Change" - For Change Leaders to Inspire Community Change!   Feel free to forward the link to others who may be interested in learning the principles of facilitating groups to inspire change especially community leaders. 

The  presenters are:  Dr. Cindy Banyai  is an experienced Community Leader, and  Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO  and  Patricia Dammann ,  President , Institute of OD, who have many years experience training facilitators and business leaders in the process of leading change.     You’ll receive a copy of the slides with valuable tools for leading meetings.    

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