Leadership Development Certification Program

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Join us October 18, 2022 - May 16, 2023!

This 8-month program meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 9:00 AM ET - 12:00 PM ET


Design and Implement an Aligned Leadership Development Process

Gain the knowledge and insights you need to help organizations design and implement aligned Leadership Development processes that are tied to the business strategy and organizational goals.


Leadership Development Certification Program (LDCP)

Course Outline

Session 1. Introduction to Leadership Development (3 hours)

Learn current Leadership Development practices and the importance of creating a strategic approach to leadership development, best practices, models, challenges and trends.

Learning Objectives:

• Discuss current trend in Leadership Development today

• Identify Best Practices in Leadership Development

• Create the framework for a Leadership Development Process

• Determine your organization’s readiness level for Leadership Development 

Homework (4-5 hours)


Session 2. Creating a Leadership Strategy (3 hours)

This session provides you with a process to develop a Leadership Development Strategy while working with your senior leadership team to identify their needs, assess their current and future requirements and identify the actions needed to implement the plan.

Learning Objectives: 

• Design a Leadership Development Framework

• Create a business case for Leadership Development

• Gain senior leader buy-in and active support

• Identify the key components of a Leadership Development Program

• Align all components with the company vision, mission, values, and strategic goals

• Create a Leadership Development Strategic Plan

• Establish metrics to share results and evaluate outcomes

Homework (4-5 hours)


Session 3. Defining a Leadership Development Structure (3 hours)

Identify levels of Leadership, Leadership Development Maturity and Pipeline, and identify career paths.

Learning Objectives: 

• Create an effective Leadership Development structure to meet the needs of your organization

• Determine the Maturity Level of your Leadership Development Program

• Develop a Leadership Pipeline

• Create Leadership Development Career Paths at all levels

Homework (4-5 hours)


Session 4. Identifying Capabilities, Competencies, and Skills Gaps (3 hours)

Participants learn how to recognize skills gaps by assessing leadership capabilities and competencies. Participants will then learn how to conduct a capability audit and implement a competency model.

Learning Objectives: 

• Identify current trends in Leadership Development and incorporate them into the design and implementation of your initiative

• Identify skill gaps through the assessment of leadership capabilities and competencies

• Build Leadership Capability Models and conduct Capability Audits

• Build and implement Competency Models and Assessments

Homework (4-5 hours)


Session 5. Building a Sustainable Leadership Development Program Part 1 (3 hours)

In this session you will identify and apply steps to build a Leadership Development Strategy for your organization.

Learning Objectives:

• Define Vertical and Horizontal Leadership approaches in your Leadership Development Strategy

• Incorporate new leadership development trends in your program

• Apply specific tools and approaches to maximize the effectiveness of your Leadership Development Program

Homework (4-5 hours)


Session 6. Building a Sustainable Leadership Development Program Part 2 (3 hours)

In this session participants will identify and apply Vertical Development activities and tools.

Learning Objectives: 

• Define Vertical Development and determine how it connects with Horizontal Development to form a sustainable Leadership Development Program

• Identify and apply Vertical Development tools and methodologies in your Leadership Development Program

• Create Development Plans to grow your leaders

Homework (4-5 hours)


Session 7. Developing High Potentials and Succession Planning Programs (3 hours)

This session provides detailed strategies and tools to help you work with your business partners to identify high potentials, conduct calibration meetings, and develop a strategic succession plan.

Learning Objectives: 

• Develop and Implement a High Potential Program using a Nine-Box Model to identify high potential leaders

• Plan and conduct a Calibration Meeting

• Utilize tools to determine readiness and risk levels for high potential leaders

• Plan and implement a Succession Planning Process across multiple levels in the organization 

Homework (4-5 hours)


Session 8. Measuring Outcomes and Impacts of Your Leadership Development Program (3 hours)

This session provides detailed strategies and tools to help you work with your business partners to measure outcomes and impacts of your Leadership Development Program.

Learning Objectives: 

• Determine types of outcomes that are important to measure, evaluate and apply to your Leadership Development Program

• Apply 6 Level Analytic Methodology

• Define Balanced Scorecard and customize it to meet your organization’s needs

• Create metrics to support your Leadership Development Program

Homework (4-5 hours)

Final Exam

Digital Badge and Certificate upon completion


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