NJHA Selects MedPower to Enhance Online Education Capabilities

Press Release from MedPower

NEW YORK, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA), is partnering with MedPower, LLC, a leading cloud-based eLearning solution provider, to create and deliver exclusive educational courses aimed at improving healthcare delivery across all delivery settings.

MedPower Mobile Microlearning....anytime, anywhere. (PRNewsFoto/MedPower)

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, online learning plays a more significant role in educating healthcare providers and engaging community partners. Accordingly, NJHA plans to leverage MedPower's eLearning expertise and powerful mobile learning management system to expand its capacity and capabilities - making it easier for providers to complete annual competency requirements, just in time learning modules and continuing education in their respective fields. The system will also serve as the platform for professional associations as they host their annual meetings and large-scale conferences.

Med Power is a simple and powerful learning solution that enables busy providers to complete training on their own time, from anywhere, using any device. NJHA's subject matter experts and faculty forum, coupled with MedPower's microlearning system, combine to offer providers an engaging, intuitive and effective way to learn.

"We are excited to utilize MedPower's mobile training platform and the latest microlearning techniques to make it easier for all healthcare providers to complete essential training that will improve safety, enhance skills and deepen understanding that ultimately contributes to improved patient care," said Victoria Brogan, NJHA's SVP of Strategic Initiatives.

"We're proud to be supporting a healthcare organization that's been serving New Jersey for over 100 years. With nearly 400 member organizations, NJHA plays a vital role in advancing the quality of care delivered throughout the state. MedPower is committed to furthering the mission of the NJHA to enhance high quality patient care and a commitment to communities," said Brian Haggerty, MedPower CEO.

About MedPower

MedPower, LLC is a provider of cloud-hosted, custom SaaS eLearning solutions for the Healthcare industry. The company is helping hospitals, physicians and nurses by offering on-demand custom-developed microlearning training programs for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) adoption, medical ERP systems, hospital and practice workflow management, and administrative functions. For more information, or visit us onTwitter,Facebook orLinkedIn.

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