• 12 Foundational Leadership Skills

    Leaders demonstrating these 12 Foundational Skills paired with the 15 Higher Conscious Skills shine brightly as effective leaders in an organization.
  • 4 Levels of Higher Conscious Leadership

    15 essential conscious leadership skills
  • Cultures Don't Change...People Do

    Culture and space matters! It affects energy, attitude and levels of interaction. Here are 8 unique characteristics of new era culture and workspaces.
  • Dependent to Interdependent Model for Healthy Sustainable Living

    Beacon Coaching and Training Prepares You To Advance From Dependent to Interdependent
  • From Hierarchy System of Behaviors to a New Healthy Sustainable Relational Management System

    Hierarchy System = Dependent System of Behaviors - Parent-Child The antiquated 164-year old Hierarchy System for managing employee behaviors enables dependent relationships resulting in . . . -Low employee engagement -Challenge to attract and retain Top Talent -Restricted...