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About CompTool

The Compensation Tool was developed by Compensation practitioners that were frustrated with the other market pricing options in the market. The tools were too expensive, cumbersome to use, and often times slow. There had to be a better way.

The CompensationTool was designed with one goal: Make a user-friendly market pricing tool that is affordable, without sacrificing functionality.

Throughout our software, we've innovated and implemented features that reflect how the Compensation Consultant works to support the business needs. Whether you are market pricing a job, creating a report, or want to understand how your Compensation programs are impacting your employees, the Compensation Tool is a robust, yet simple solution.

Our a-la-carte pricing model has a fit for every budget. Whether you just want to consolidate your salary surveys, market price your jobs, or analyze the compensation for thousands of employees in dozens of countries, we've got an affordable solution.

Products by CompTool

By CompTool

Compensation Benchmarking

CompTool offers the industry leading market pricing tool for companies to manage their salary surveys and conduct market pricing. CompTool offers both a free version and a paid version of our market pricing tool. With our free version, Clients that own surveys from trusted survey companies can... Read more »

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By CompTool

Squirrel! - Wage and Salary Tracking Tool

Squirrel is the only real-time wage and salary tracking tool using employer-reported salaries from job postings. With more than 40-million job postings with employer-reported pay, Squirrel provides one of the most detailed sources of wage data available, in the US and around the globe.... Read more »

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