FitLyfe Introduces the Next Generation in Wellness Program Design

Press Release from FitLyfe

CHICAGO, Aug. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- FitLyfe, a population health and wellness technology company, today announced the "The Next Generation in Wellness" with the updated release of its FitLyfe 360 wellness platform designed to help wellness administrators and vendors create and manage customized wellness programs.

"FitLyfe 360 gives wellness managers and vendors the ability to use our tools to create a customized wellness program experience for their population," says FitLyfe Founder and CEO Sam Salbi. "Being able to customize your employee wellness program, based on your strategy, makes it possible to impact every member of your organization at the individual level."

The highly-agile and customizable FitLyfe 360 wellness platform was developed based on thousands of hours of interviews with wellness professionals and software developers, a competitive analysis of wellness software companies, feedback from FitLyfe prospects and clients, and Salbi's leadership and experience in healthcare IT.

"A lot of people used to think being able to change the colors and logo on a wellness portal sign-in page was customization," says Salbi. "That's just not enough to achieve the best outcomes from a wellness program. Every population is different. Every wellness program and strategy is a little different. Our research showed us that wellness professionals need and want highly customizable software, so we created it. This is the next generation in wellness."

The FitLyfe 360 wellness platform includes hundreds of customizable data points and configuration options to help wellness managers and vendors (without the time and cost typically associated with customization), such as:

  • Single Sign-On: Easily turn on Single Sign-On to simply the process for participants. Customize the sign on page, design, content, and password settings.
  • Wellness Points and Incentives: Easily set or change point values for completing wellness activities. Choose incentive awards, including wellness-related products and services, or cash-loaded debit cards.
  • Health Challenges. Customize a library of health challenges (physical activity, diet, lifestyle, etc), based on participant's level of health, adjust wellness point values, and incentives, or add customized tasks and goals to complete.
  • Steps/Physical Activity. Allow participants to self-report physical activity data, or configure to upload steps/physical activity data from a fitness app or device.
  • Check-In. Track participant and activity for check-ins like visiting the gym, doctor's appointments, wellness center, or clinic. Set customized goals and reminders.
  • Data management. Use do-it-yourself tools to create customized reports to view population health data to measure outcomes and results. Import biometric and health risk assessment data for your population from other platforms or sources without additional costs or delays.

"Many wellness vendors are still using cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all tools," say Salbi. "Their ability to customize is going to be very, very limited. We're introducing the next generation of wellness with this level of customization to help organizations achieve better outcomes to promote health, prevent disease, control healthcare costs, and create a culture of health."

About FitLyfe
FitLyfe delivers custom-built health and wellness automation solutions that increase utilization and improve outcomes through personalized engagement. FitLyfe empowers and educates consumers to take responsibility for their health by providing "at your finger tips" tools and resources uniquely tailored for each health and lifestyle profile, as well as help navigate the ecosystem of benefits available in a one stop, single sign on environment. Organizations benefit from the ability to more strategically administer their incentive design and allocate their resources (their talent), track and measure trends and impact, reduce duplication and error, and ultimately cut costs through efficiencies, member retention, and improved health outcomes. For more, visit


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