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  • Leadership Development

    We provide leadership training for front-line supervisors, using a variety of proprietary tools to help identify individual development needs and to reinforce learning objectives. We also train and support sponsors or sponsorship teams, responsible for implementing training initiatives.... Read More
  • Coaching and Mentoring

    We help individuals gain clarity on improvement opportunities in their job performance. Participants are most often emerging leadership candidates, newly appointed in supervisor roles, or substandard performers in need of targeted development. Our Bridge Process facilitates transitions to... Read More
  • Assessments

    A variety of existing assessment tools ranging from organizational surveys to individual assessments. We also develop customized measurement systems for unique needs or circumstances. We administer, collect results, and analyze data on your behalf to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. Read More

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  • Following Up with Employees: An Approach That Works By

    A significant source of frustration for many employees is a supervisor who lacks responsiveness and doesn't follow up. This episode discusses why employee follow-up is essential and provides a strategy for those who want to change and improve Read more
  • How to Build Leaders within Your Organization By

    Leadership in the workplace is not just about how you lead the organization. A critical error of many supervisors is thinking that it's all about themselves and how they lead. Now, more than ever, organizations face disruptions and increased competition. Supervisors need to make it a top... Read more
  • 7 Actions to Increase Safety Performance of Supervisors By

    Do your supervisors play a key role in the foundation and success of your company’s safety program? Too often, companies rely strictly on their safety staff to ensure safety protocol is maintained. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to gaps in an effective safety process. It also can lead... Read more

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