Products by AimBridge, Inc
  • Labor Regulations

    There are hundreds of federal employment regulations, and state laws are just as lengthy. Employers must have a pulse check on the ever-changing employment rules and requirements. With twenty plus years managing labor regulations in global companies, we know how to simplify complex regulations.... Read More
  • Compensation

    Is your compensation practice leading, lagging, or matching the market? Compensation is a key component for attracting talent, critical for intrinsic and extrinsic values, and most of all, retaining top talent. We help clients establish realistic compensation plans based on market data pricing.... Read More
  • Compliance

    Every company is uniquely different, but federal employment regulations are one-size fits all. We're here when you need urgent advice and consultation to mitigate risks. We are a neutral, independent third-party source providing sound and practical strategies. This is critically important in... Read More