10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Cultivating Fair Pay in the Workplace: Your Guide to Global Pay Equity

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This white paper offers an appraisal of some of the extensive research into the different models, causes, and consequences of global pay inequity. We consider the merits and limits of models ‘corrected’ against explanatory factors, the difference between pay equity and pay equality, and how definitions differ around the world. Once defined and explained, we’ll guide you through why fair pay should matter to your organization, and suggest five steps you should take to address it. By reading this white paper, you will learn: *How various fair pay definitions differ and a discussion of which definitions will be most practical and useful for your organization * The mechanisms of unfair pay, including the myths and biases that undermine the compensation of certain groups * The increasingly compelling case for why your organization needs to care about, and take action on, pay inequity * A five-step plan of action for organizations that want to create fairer pay practices

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