Strategic Considerations for 2023 Benefit Planning

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Strategic Considerations for 2023 Benefit Planning Strategic Considerations for 2023 Benefit Planning WITH GUIDANCE FROM OUR SPECIALISTS AT BENEFITS SQUARE. Mina Hanna (732) 902-0020 | [email protected] Overview: Although business owners have only recently completed their 2023 plan year open enrollments and are just now flipping the calendar to embark on the new year, our specialists have already begun analyzing new employee benefit developments to determine any potential strategic modifications that clients may want to consider in order to assure adherence to their previously established benefit objectives. In this paper we will share some initial observations on expected 2023 trends, industry developments and other healthcare related forces that might impact employee benefit programs, along with some appropriate guidance. Please keep in mind that the ideas and suggestions presented are broad-based and may need to be customized to fit the unique needs, circumstances and demographics of each client. With any employee benefit program, the ability to achieve success depends on developing not just a customized strategy built on solid data, but one that provides the ability for any necessary modifications resulting from a changing environment. Benefits Square © Copyright 2022-2023 Benefits Square. All rights reserved.

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