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Press Release from WebMD Health Services

Join WebMD Health Services for our upcoming webinar to learn how one organization meets the unique wellness needs of their population every day. Wespath Benefits and Investments, which has been serving The United Methodist Church for over 100 years, administers a self-funded health plan for over 13,000 clergy, lay employees and their families who serve communities during times of crisis.

Wespath built a holistic well-being program to support the whole person, and leverages a single platform (WebMD) to help users find and access the tools and resources they need most. The result? 80% engagement in Health Assessment and high engagement in coaching.

Key Topics include:

Building a well-being program that supports unique workforces.

Making your well-being program easily accessible.

Targeting communications to specific locations to increase engagement.

Engaging leaders from multiple locations to gain leadership buy-in.


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