10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Onboarding as a New Team Leader

Press Release from CCCE Corporate Training Solutions


Building trust is critical to effective leadership, yet it can be established – or broken - within the first 90 days on a new team. Fortunately, there are several onboarding practices that can create a strong foundation and set the tone for open communications in a trusting and productive environment. 


Key Outcomes: 

  • Learn how to create meaningful face-to-face interactions 

  • Discuss topics that are important to you and your team 

  • Give and receive feedback while keeping emotions in check


Webinar date: September 28, 9-10 AM PST

Trainer: Sandy Benz


*Onboarding as a New Team Leaderis part of the Curated Fall Leadership Series of CCCE Corporate Training Solutions’ Live-Online Leadership Academy. 


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