Buisness Growth Prompts Relocation – Got Group Moves?

Press Release from Signature Relocation

Many business owners claim that one of the biggest challenges faced by a growing business is the need for relocation.

Employee relocation is a crucial component for every growing company seeking to ensure that they are placing the right talent in the right location.A unique facet of employee relocation are Group Moves. Group Moves increase the scale of a given relocation and demand a higher level of planning to combat the increased complexity of moving many people at the same time. 

Businesses may need to plan a Group Move for a variety of reasons such as:

·        Mergers and acquisitions

·        Consolidating facilities

·        Moving offices

·        Adding new territories

·        Creating new lines of products


There is no question that a lot of work goes into planning a Group Move; that is why it is helpful to have a reliable relocation provider to turn to. Trust the support of Signature Relocation’s experienced team to offer the highest quality in the industry, freeing up your team to focus on other tasks.

Signature Relocation’s single point of coordination is the only globally integrated total relocation service provider that offers custom Group Move services that help you control costs, reduce administrative time and improve the overall relocation experience for your employees.

For over 20 years, Signature Relocation has been putting our custom quality focused name on Group Moves from 5 employees to 500. Below are typical line items that may be included in a Group Move:

·        Pre-Assignment Cost Analysis

·        Authorization & Policy Counseling

·        Visa & Immigration

·        Language & Cultural Training

·        Home Sale/Rental Assistance

·        Payment of Miscellaneous Allowance

·        Old Home Closing Assistance

·        Household Goods Cost Survey

·        Destination Services & Area Orientation

·        Property & Tenancy Management

·        New Home/Renter Assistance

·        Temporary Housing Assistance

·        School Search & Spousal Assistance

·        Final Move Coordination & Settling-In

·        Household Goods Delivery

·        Expense Management

·        Tax Assistance & Gross-Up

To learn more information about the quality services we offer you can visit us at www.signaturerelo.com, or contact us by phone (877-373-0691) or email ([email protected]) for more information

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