Professionals Moving to the U.S. - Establishing Credit as An Expat

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If you have just arrived to the United States, it is unlikely to have a credit history in your new host country. Expats facing relocation to the U.S. without a local credit score and having limited financial records, can pose issues when trying to establish themselves in their new location.

Since credit scores do not transfer from country to country, experienced professionals that have great credit in their own home country will have very poor credit in the United States. This means Expats will have difficulty obtaining essential services at affordable rates, and establishments will not extend credit making it seem impossible to build one.

Some of the financial roadblocks faced by an Expat to the U.S. may include:

·        Lack of credit history

·        Trouble obtaining  loans

·        Inflated interest rates

·        Difficulty securing services such as cell phones

Signature Relocation, a full-service relocation management company (RMC), partners with Porchlight and Jasper Mastercard to help American Expatriates financially thrive. With little to no credit history Expats can receive the Jasper Mastercard by simply providing their passport, visa information, and proof of U.S. employment.

Here are some benefits to American Expatriates applying for the Jasper Mastercard:

·        You can apply without a social security number

·        Jasper will process your application prior to moving to the U.S.

·        Jasper reports to Equifax and TransUnion to help build your credit score

·        High credit limit - potential to receive up to $5,000 unsecured credit

·        Credit utilization with on-time payments provides information to other credit suppliers like banks and lenders that you are a strong and credible customer

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