Listen: Anne Sample on Job Market Trends, Career Planning Tips and Strong Workplace Cultures

Press Release from Navigate Forward

HR Leaders Come Together in Interactive ‘Now of Work’ Meetup

It’s a challenging and dynamic time to be in human resources. After navigating a global pandemic, the shift to virtual work and a job market filled with both record-low unemployment and large-scale corporate downsizings, there’s still more change on the horizon.

How can HR and business leaders set the right course for their organizations?

CEO Anne Sample of Navigate Forward—a three-time for CHRO herself—weighs in on top issues facing companies and HR leaders during this recent interactive meetup, hosted by Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank of LeapGen.

Listen as the panel addresses these and other questions:

  • How can HR think differently about hiring?
  • What role do gig or fractional employees play in today’s workforce?
  • How are companies adapting their cultures to resonate in hybrid and virtual environments?
  • What are some of the most in-demand skillsets for jobseekers?
  • In light of recent layoffs, what should jobseekers know and do to bounce back quickly?

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Every week, “Now of Work” meetup tackles a timely topic related to digital transformation and HR strategy. Thousands of top HR leaders join virtually for a lively and interactive conversation with featured experts.

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