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Daphne Duverney, JD, has been a licensed and practicing Attorney for over 25 years. Her work experience includes adjudicating and rendering written Decisions in over 2,500 employment cases.

In addition, she has reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents, in which she made legal relevancy determinations. The cases included Federal Litigations, Corporate Internal Self-Audits, and Federal Investigations. These reviews addressed various subject matters, including Employment Law Violations; Antitrust Matters; Securities and Bank Fraud; Breach of Contract; Patent and Trademark Infringements, oftentimes regarding High Technology or Prescription Drugs or Medical Devices, as well as HIPAA Violations and other Privacy Issues; and Cybersecurity (DATA) Breaches. Many of these cases were International in scope.

Daphne Duverney, graduated from Duke University and The University of Maryland School of Law.

She now provides on-line educational seminars and briefings, as an independent Consultant, specializing in the areas of Employment Law and Human Resource Compliance issues, as well as policy considerations.

Daphne Duverney is also a member of SHRM (Society For Human Resource Management). She maintains Professional Membership status.

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