Small Businesses Need Remote Work Policies

Press Release from Business Compliance Brief

Are you thinking about starting a new business; or are you an existing small business in need of information regarding your options for moving forward with new work arrangement trends? Are you a Human Resource Professional? If so, then this Briefing is for you.


If you are trying to determine whether you should have a policy that requires that all workers must be physically present at the worksite during work hours, or you are considering a more flexible work arrangement, then you would find this briefing beneficial.


This information – packed briefing will address matters which you should take into consideration when identifying which positions can have a more flexible work arrangement. The briefing will provide you with insights, tips, and guidance for devising policies regarding remote, telecommuting and hybrid work arrangements.


Other critical issues addressed in this audio online seminar are as follows:

- New developments regarding Privacy Laws – including Healthcare Privacy Rights.

- Analysis of the interplay of the CDC, OSHA, GINA, FMLA, ADA and HIPAA Laws.

- Strategies for handling common confidentiality problems.


Avoid troubling business practices. This timely practical briefing breaks down recent and proposed rule changes, to prepare you for devising appropriate work arrangement policies for your organization. This briefing will give you essential information which can mitigate risk and liability.


For more information and details visit my website, and order this on – demand, audio online seminar briefing today. (Length 33 mins.)

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