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About Wisely® by ADP®

Wisely® by ADP® is a suite of worker-focused payment solutions designed to offer compliance, convenience and administrative ease to employers and freedom, flexibility and financial wellness to workers. It offers the easiest path to electronic pay for most employers.

Electronic payments have taken on more relevance as employers look for new ways to maintain operational agility and resiliency while cutting costs and addressing the needs of their employees. As employees prioritize choice and convenience when it comes to pay, employers can respond with digital pay solutions to attract, engage and retain them - - while keeping pace with an ever-changing landscape of federal and state compliance requirements. How can you meet the needs of your employees while overcoming today’s business challenges, without additional cost, complexity and potential compliance risk?

Choose Wisely
Wisely® Pay helps you move closer to 100% electronic pay, while enabling you to implement and deliver a compliance pay solutions with:
-A single provider to meet a wide variety of pay expectations
-An easy-to-administer program with a convenient administrative portal and fund-approval workflow
-A solution enabled for nationwide compliance to help you get closer to 100% electronic pay in all 50 states
-Program optimization tools that will help you reach your pay card adoption goals with marketing and educational support
-Financial wellness tools to help with employee attraction, retention and engagement

Choose flexibility, convenience and financial wellness for your employees.

Welcome unbanked and underbanked employees to the digital economy with online and peer-to-peer spending tools, bill pay capabilities, digital payments and a touchless risk-free financial experience.

Deliver financial wellness capabilities for all employees with Wisely with spend tracking, savings, early direct deposit, lowered fees and a cash back rewards program.

At ADP, what we do is about people. Although we have a strong history of providing solutions for human resource challenges, we strive to do more than that. We challenge ourselves to anticipate, think forward and take action in a way that empowers us to shape the changing world of work.

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Products by Wisely® by ADP®

By Wisely® by ADP®

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By Wisely® by ADP®

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By Wisely® by ADP®

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