CytomX: Seamless Support for Biotech Company Executive Team

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CytomX Therapeutics is a clinical-stage, oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company with a vision of transforming lives with safer, more effective therapies. It is developing a novel class of investigational conditionally activated therapeutics, based on its Probody® technology platform, for the treatment of cancer. Matt Paulson is the Development Chief of Staff for the company, responsible for executive support. At the time Matt came onboard CytomX, the company’s four internal executive assistants were supporting 20 executives, which was becoming unsustainable. "Our internal executive assistants were overwhelmed. Things were slipping through the cracks. We engaged Prialto to take on scheduling, travel, and expense management.” The CytomX executive team was growing faster than the admin team could keep up. Recruiting, hiring, training, and managing new admins, with one admin assigned to three to five executives, was time-consuming and would require additional HR and management resources. Industry: BioTech Size: 11 Prialto Assistants

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