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Graham Company Case Study: Scaleable Support for a Distributed Salesforce

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Graham is a top independent insurance brokerage and consulting firm, founded over 60 years ago. Graham is focused on customizing property and casualty, surety, and employee benefits programs for its clients. When Graham Company’s President and COO first met with Prialto, Graham was looking for a cost-effective way to provide support while investing for growth at the same time. With their existing and new producers, they found that too much time was being spent on administrative tasks, such as scheduling, prospect research, and CRM updates. Graham also wanted a secure, scalable, and remote service. While they wanted a way to provide producers with sales and admin support, they didn’t want or need full-time support for each producer, nor did they need to have these support people physically in their offices. They wanted to enable their producers to spend more time building relationships and developing new business. That’s when Prialto was brought in, to provide admin and top-of-funnel sales support. Industry: Insurance Size: 13 Prialto Assistants

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