1health Helps Organizations Bridge the Testing Supply Gap

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1health, a nationwide network of clinical laboratories and kit providers, is helping employers overcome testing supply issues with consistent, timely, and competitively priced COVID-19 testing solutions.

The spread of the Omicron virus has put a strain on the US COVID-19 testing supply chain with organizations ramping up their test demand to safeguard employees and individuals pulling on tests as case numbers soar.

To help make tests more available to the public, the Biden administration recently announced their intent to purchase 500 million COVID-19 testing kits, which they will provide for free to American citizens 1 .

However, 500 million kits amounts to less than 2 tests per citizen. Therefore, while the solution will help individuals, it will not help organizations looking to support ongoing testing programs to minimize their population's risks.

Further, the initiative will pull rapid tests from an already strained supply chain making it even more difficult for organizations to source the tests they need.

1health, a leading network of clinical laboratories and kit providers, is set to help bridge the gap. Through their nationwide partners, 1health accesses an extensive portfolio of COVID-19 tests including rapid over the counter and point of care tests as well as PCR options. And through their reach, they are often able to provide testing at a fraction of the typical cost and with equivalent-or-better turnaround times.

"At 1health, our mission is to make clinical testing more efficient, effective, and accessible," said  Mehdi Maghsoodnia , CEO of 1health. "We're proud that our solutions allow us to play an important role in helping keep America's workforce safe. Through our diverse offering, organizations can be assured they have access to consistent, cutting-edge and cost-efficient testing through whatever lies ahead."

"Our testing solutions can be complemented by plug-and-play options to help employers implement effective, compliant risk mitigations programs," said  Nikhil Arun , VP of Product at 1health. "This includes our end-to-end OSHA mandate compliance solution, Safe & Clear, as well as services like test proctoring, vaccination record lookup, and more."

To learn more about the 1health COVID-19 testing solutions, visit 1health.io/products/covid-19 testing or email sales@1health.io.


At 1health, we're committed to making diagnostic testing easy and accessible by building the infrastructure that helps labs- and their customers- connect patients to testing and care. Our powerful platform provides end-to-end solutions to help labs streamline their processes, expand their capabilities, and enhance their accessibility while our flexible APIs enable lab customers to drive better patient engagement and compliance through uniquely accessible and impactful solutions.

For media inquiries about 1health COVID-19 testing solutions, please visit (https://1health.io/products/COVID19-testing) or reach out to  Lindsay Hilbelink  at  lhilbelink@1health.io .

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