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KangoGift Launches New HR Tool Package to Help Enterprises Overcome Employee Engagement Challenges

Press Release from KangoGift, Inc.

ARLINGTON, Mass., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- KangoGift, the HR tech leader in the employee recognition and reward solutions space, announced today an enhancement to its platform that will address 3 common challenges hybrid/remote work employers are facing. These opportunity areas came about from research of KangoGift's global client base sharing specific talent challenges and the data team analyzing more than 200,000 proprietary recognition and engagement moments from the last quarter of 2021 thru the second quarter of 2022. These enhancements transcend organization size, industry and geography because they are rooted in how employees feel in the workplace.


These upgrades include:

  • Tools to enhance the issue of emotional safety. Daily reporting and constant facetime can be tiring. The new tools allow for greater support of employee/manager dialog
  • Making it easier for employers and managers to recognize the unique differences among employees. This can be done by using the tools provided with this enhancement to help employers meet the employees unique needs and expectations
  • Empowering senior leaders to benchmark best practices by using the leadership tools and insights

"These new challenges are ones KangoGift is helping our customers overcome. Our custom-built solutions are tailored to meet each organization's unique needs and support their unique culture," said Todd Horton, founder and CEO, KangoGift. "While best practices provide a starting point, the challenge is customizing them for each client so the information found will help our tools generate meaning and purpose. It is our belief and expectation that these enhancements will help increase employee engagement and satisfaction while making it easier for organizations to determine levels of employee satisfaction."

About KangoGift

KangoGift is the leading human resources technology company exclusively focused on employee engagement and recognition for its global customer base. Since its founding in 2009, its mission has been to help organizations foster cultures that ensure employees feel valued, appreciated, and inspired to do their best every day. More information about KangoGift can be found at www.kangogift.com.

Media contact: Todd Horton, inquiries@kangogift.com

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