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  • Assess with mini-games

    I attach a sample of a mini-game that can be customize with as many questions as you feel you need. I've used these games to assess, survey, and quiz individuals and teams. If you: -Want to create engaging training? -Need to assess the mood of your company? -What to ensure your content is... Read More
  • S.I.G Self Improvement game

    Culture is defined by how you innovate and execute new strategies, communicate and educate employees, operationalize new systems and processes, and reward and recognize behaviors. S.I.G assesses six behaviors essential to any organizations culture. The game uses scenarios to teach these... Read More
  • Team Building Training

    Our online team building trainings offers a 3-hour deep dive Agile and Scrum Training with FORCCE teaching key principles and best practices for better teamwork. We apply experiential learning to keep individuals engaged and start applying learnings. Read More

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  • How to assess to engage... By

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics determined separation rates went up to 11% in 2020, and employee engagement for 2020 36%. Poor employee engagement and retention are symptoms of a larger problem. Employee assessments need to be designed to engage... Read more

    Assessments have a wide range of utility, from assessing for skills to cultural fit to determine whether a candidate will fit in with the company. Employee assessments are a tool that can provide you a lot of information about what your employee values, believes and sentiments are. Avoid these... Read more
  • 6 Critical Soft Skills for Improving Performance By

    The top four critical soft skills identified by the US Labor Dept. are work ethics, communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking. Of these organizations have embraced teams specifically as a strategy for dealing with the ever-increasing market competition and survival. In a... Read more