"Kinetics MIM" available on the Apple App Store

Press Release from Kinetic Data

An app to assist Engineers with the design of their complex metal components for the Metal Injection Molding process, now available on iOS

Available today, Kinetics MIM, Kinetics smart phone application was developed for design engineers interested in getting metal alloy selection and design advice for their potential Metal Injection Molding (MIM) components.  The Material Selector matches material performance criteria to suitable alloys and then provides material property data sheets.  The design guide helps designers get the most from MIM by defining MIM design requirements across a wide range of searchable categories, and includes illustrative figures.

The first MIM app of its kind, design by Engineers for Engineers, this app will cure your Engineering headache.  The versatility of this app offers the option to find the right material for your application and review our industry leading Design Guide.

One of the unique powerful tools of this app is the ability to find a material solution based on the property criteria of your application.  From the list of material solutions you have the option to add to your favorites or email the material data sheet.

Our industry leading Design Guide is now at your fingertips, the paper bound guide that you are accustomed to picking up at industry tradeshows can now be utilized on your smartphone. 

Kinetics MIM is now available for FREE.  The app is available in the US, on the Apple AppStore or use the following link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kinetics-metal-injection-molding/id675087920?mt=8

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