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Associate Membership Expands BlackCloak's Ability to Protect the Digital Lives of Retail and Hospitality Executives

ORLANDO, Fla., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- BlackCloak, the pioneer in Digital Executive Protection and Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and corporate executives, today announced its new Associate Membership with the Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC). This strategic alignment underscores BlackCloak's commitment to advancing cybersecurity resilience within the retail and hospitality industries.

As cyber threats continue to evolve and escalate, collaboration and intelligence sharing are critical. By joining RH-ISAC, BlackCloak will engage in a wealth of industry-specific threat intelligence, resources, and collaboration opportunities. This membership will enable BlackCloak to better serve its clients by staying ahead of potential cybersecurity threats and enhancing its defensive strategies.

Leigh Dow, Vice President of Marketing at BlackCloak, commented on the membership, "Joining RH-ISAC represents a pivotal step for BlackCloak in our mission to protect the personal digital lives of our members and their employers. Through this collaboration, we look forward to not only contributing to but also benefiting from the collective expertise and intelligence that RH-ISAC fosters among its members."

RH-ISAC serves as a central hub for trusted cybersecurity information sharing and collaboration among consumer-facing sector companies in the retail and hospitality sectors. Its members include some of the most renowned brands in the industry, working together to defend their enterprises from cyber threats.

The retail industry is increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, including ransomware attacks, which are escalating in both frequency and sophistication. Cybercriminals often initiate these attacks through breaches in personal cybersecurity, exploiting individual vulnerabilities to gain access to the broader corporate networks. "Personal cybersecurity lapses are a common point of attack into corporate systems. This is particularly important in a sector where vast amounts of personal and payment information is processed daily," said Dow. The resultant breaches can cripple operations and compromise sensitive data across supply chains, highlighting the urgent need for retailers to fortify their defenses with robust personal cybersecurity measures and protocols to protect against these pervasive threats.

BlackCloak's membership in RH-ISAC will enhance its capabilities to provide top-tier Digital Executive Protection solutions and support to its clients, ultimately helping to secure the broader digital landscape of the retail and hospitality sectors.


The Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) is the trusted community for sharing sector-specific cybersecurity information and intelligence. The RH-ISAC connects information security teams at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels to work together on issues and challenges, to share practices and insights, and to benchmark among each other – all with the goal of building better security for consumer-facing industries through collaboration. RH-ISAC serves businesses including retailers, restaurants, hotels, gaming casinos, food retailers, consumer products, and other consumer-facing companies. For more information, visit

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