AxisCare Launches Full-Service Payroll Solution for Non-Medical Home Care Businesses

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AxisCare Payroll now provides home care agencies with a start-to-finish payroll service, saving back-office staff a significant amount of time and resources every week.

WACO, Texas, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- AxisCare Home Care Software today announced the release of its groundbreaking payroll service that will provide a full-service payroll solution to non-medical agencies in the U.S. AxisCare's team of payroll experts handles every step of the payroll cycle, from e-onboarding to direct deposit and paper checks, saving agencies hours of manual tasks each week.

The service includes features such as employee onboarding, paper check mailing, direct deposit, HR functionality for the office, digital employee handbook housing, robust payroll reporting, an employee portal, quarterly and annual filing, bi-weekly or weekly payroll services, and more.

"AxisCare is the one-stop shop for running a seamless home care business (or in our case, businesses)," said Adam Berry, CEO of As Close As Family in Alabama. "The team have been awesome through the demo, onboarding, and now running payroll. I truly do not feel the word 'simple' does enough to describe this process. The greatest day to switch Axis Care payroll was yesterday, the next best day is today."

With many home care businesses using spreadsheets to track hours manually and outdated, time-consuming processes for compensating its employees, AxisCare created this service to help agencies streamline their back-office payroll processes and ensure employees are paid on time.

"AxisCare Payroll is at the heart of our mission to empower home care agencies to provide better care. Instead of spending hours on payroll, AxisCare is now completely removing that burden from agencies' back office and handling payroll with precision and speed," said Todd Allen, CEO of AxisCare. "We are already seeing agencies take more ground in their markets because they have more time to recruit great caregivers and acquire more clients as a result."

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AxisCare's agency management software is a back-office and point of care solution for non-medical agencies in all 50 states and 6 countries. Specializing in Private Pay, Medicaid, VA Billing and other 3rd-party payers, AxisCare's platform helps agencies from SMB to franchises to enterprise agencies, stay compliant, cash-flow healthy, and ahead of their competition with built-in marketing and CRM tools, user-friendly scheduling, built-in payroll, business intelligence, automatic payments, and more. Recently given the industry's top award for ease of use, overall performance and customer service, AxisCare's mission is to transform home operations, empowering agencies to provide better care. For more information about AxisCare, please visit

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