HRlogics Launches Compliance Council: Furthering Commitment to Quality-Focused Compliance for Unparalleled Business Outcomes Vanessa Tyndall • Feb 14, 2024

Press Release from HRlogics

Rlogics is proud to announce the launch of its  Compliance Council , a strategic advisory group dedicated to guiding our company in offering the most compliant HR product solutions and services. This council is a curated group of highly respected attorneys that possess extensive subject matter expertise in particular areas of HR compliance. 

Each member of the Compliance Council was carefully selected for their profound understanding and experience in compliance laws, ensuring that HRlogics receives expert guidance in all aspects of compliance. The council boasts a diverse range of experts, from a former IRS tax attorney with expertise in tax incentive laws to ACA specialists with more than two decades of experience. The primary goal of the Compliance Council is to empower HRlogics to establish and maintain the highest standards of compliance within the industry.

HRlogics understands that achieving compliance success is more critical than ever for our clients. Protecting companies from devastating financial setbacks or unlocking substantial savings hinges on the quality and depth of our Human Resources compliance services. 

As the workforce solution industry shifts its priorities towards maximizing shareholder profits at the expense of customer service and unbiased guidance, the result is a decline in the quality of customer support. This erosion of service standards can directly impact organizations, leading to inadequate compliance performance and potentially compromising their operational success. Additionally, in an environment where employees are often reduced to mere data points, with their personal information used as a means to generate profit, it highlights the market’s need for our steadfast commitment to client-centric outcomes and ethical standards.


As a company determined to bring back partnership, guidance, and the human aspect of customer care to the compliance industry, HRlogics has a clear mission: to offer employers a  safe and trustworthy compliance partner , focused solely on client outcomes, and the formation of the HRlogics Compliance Council is a testament to that commitment.


“More than just an advisory board, the Compliance Council reflects our company’s commitment to compliance-first decision-making, where every decision, big or small, is taken with compliance at its heart,” said Jennifer Calise, President of HRlogics. “This rigorous approach not only helps to safeguard our clients from potential pitfalls, but also ensures that they are always a step ahead, benefiting from outcomes that are both compliant and optimized for their unique needs.”


Meet the Council:

Michael H. Neifach, J.D.

Highlights:  Michael has held senior roles at the White House Homeland Security Council, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Stacy Barrow, J.D.

Highlights:  Recognized as one of the nation's foremost experts on the Affordable Care Act, Stacy's technical expertise has been instrumental in designing and executing compliant health and welfare plans.

Garrett Gregory, J.D., LL.M.

Highlights:  A veteran with over 24 years at the IRS, Garrett's tenure as Senior Attorney at the Office of Chief Counsel (IRS) equips him with unparalleled tax compliance insights.

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