Safe Haven Dialogues Blogcast: Mindset Change

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Safe Haven Dialogues has introduced the concept of the Blogcast, which combines elements of a Podcast and a Blog. In each segment, brevity is encouraged, resembling a news item. This Blogcast presents a significant approach to addressing major global problems.


Blogcast Title:  Mindset Change


Ron Cooper, host of the Overcomers Overcoming Podcasts, says that the Reframing Process requires a change in mindset. (Podcast segment below). Often, we think that a mindset change occurs over a long time period. Today, we are witnessing how rapidly mindset changes can occur.


The Israel-Hamas war has undoubtedly changed and will continue to change minds as the children trapped in this conflict grow into teenage years and adulthood. This war has polarized and changed the mindset of students in universities, which we always considered safe havens for the passionately dispassionate discussions of very difficult social and political issues. Today, students are acting out the passion, and that with disastrous consequences. Similarly, leaders in the US Congress have had a profound mindset change in that they now threaten the families of their colleagues who choose not to support their views, actions that a few years ago we would have associated with third world countries.


We need a mindset change. We need to create safe places where we can walk in each other’s shoes, listen to each other, and reframe problems to create life-affirming solutions.


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